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Wizards Duel Development's Journal
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Sunday, March 25th, 2007
6:12 pm
Wisdom is a trait wizards have that gives them their ability to make their spells more
spectacular and powerful. By their understanding of their materials and resources, they are
able to duel better.
yes. I count intelligence as a problem solving and "grasping idea" ability. Wisdom as
understanding in depth, ability to compose. Analyzing helps one get wisdom but is a function
of intelligence and knowledge learned.

Stability is the trait wizards have that make them more resiliant to being summoned and is a
barrier to any magical conjuration used on them. The stability of a wizard comes from his aura
which is a kind of shield like defense and power at the same time that is always present.
It allows them to remain secure in perilous conditions, magical or not

Eloquence is a trait that wizards have that allows them to compose beautifully the artful
essences of magic into language that expresses just what is needed for other wizards to
understand their ideas that become new combinations of essence that become spells usable by
other wizards. The greater this is, the less of their soul's energy is required to write

Literacy is a trait that allows wizards to read the writings of other wizards and allows them
to comprehend the most obscure things and ideate them into the poetic essences of a particular
spell. It allows them to arrive at the whole fitting together of the spell concept into their
mind as an elegant whole, understandable and usable by them.

Some spells can reduce these stats. correctly counterspelling can increase these stats.
These can also be increase through practice.

Studying spells gives a chance to increase literacy.
Every failed spell gives a chance at increasing wisdom.
Resistance is potentially increased each time you are summoned.
Eloquence is increased by writing spells.
4:00 pm
What you wrote:
In Wizard duel, each character is defined by a number of traits (insert traits here). X trait does/represents y aspect of the game (i.e. Wisdom represents the character's overall ability to cast spells). Each character can study spells with (learning points) that they gain at (rate of regaining) from (source attribute). more....

After learning spells, a wizard can challenge another wizard to a duel. A duel is a series of magical attacks. The challenged wizard may decide whether to accept or decline the duel. Once accepted, the first wizard casts a spell against the second, who can cast a spell in response. Depending on the interaction of the spell, the second wizard may be damaged. (more...)

After the first round, the challenged wizard casts a spell against the first, who may likewise respond. These rounds go back and forth until one of the wizards concedes the duel or dies, at which point the other wins.
3:37 pm
Table of results

Effect Enhances Reduces(Vulnerable) Nullify Transforms(Related) Do nothing Flee
Hit/Damage Yes - 1.5 Yes - 0.5 No - 0 No - 0 Yes - 1.5 Yes - 2.0
Turn Passed - "spell consumed"  also  Get another spell. Returns as a spell countered. Passed Duel ended after damage
2:14 pm
Table so far: Please discuss/list reasons.

Type Relationships
Respond/Start TypeChallenging TypeModeLevel 1-10 Reason
blade fire VULNERABLE 8 blades reduce the damage of fire by chopping / sinking the heat.
blade plant NULLED 8 blades nullify the attack of plants by chopping them up
blade wood NULLED 4 blades nullify the attack of wood by chopping it somewhat
fire blade ENHANCED 3 fire enhances the damage of blades somewhat by heating them. Don't use fire on blade attacks!
fire plant VULNERABLE 1 fire reduces the damage of plant attacks a very little.
fire water VULNERABLE 9 An equal amount of fire can steam/reduce the damage of water
fire wood NULLED 9 fire can null or completely burn away the attack damage of wood most of the time
plant blade VULNERABLE 5 A plant reduces the attack of blades by a bit/half the time by binding them or sinking some of the blades getting stuck in the plant.
plant fire VULNERABLE 3 plant can reduce some of the damage by fire by insulation on occasion
plant water RELATED 5 plant spells make use of water to produce a plant-based counter spell half the time.
plant woodRELATED10plant can bud from wood or make use of it enlivening wood transformationally
waterfireNULLED10Water extinguishes and nullifies the threat of fire all the time
waterplantENHANCED9Water just enhances the threat of a plant attack, quite consistently.
waterwoodVULNERABLE3water reduces the effect of wood by softening it, floating it, diverting it etc some of the time
woodbladeNULLED6wood can null the effects of blade by sinking most of the blades in the wood fiber much of the time
wood fireENHANCED9wood's response to a fire attack is very often disasterous as it just adds more fuel and hence more damage to the fire.
woodplantRELATED10wood can transform incoming plant threat as augemntation to the wood tranformationally.
woodwaterVULNERABLE5wood handles water threat by reducing the damage half the time by virtue of the wood shielding and containing the water like a bucket might.
Thursday, March 1st, 2007
2:16 am
Colors, etc.
I think for colors, I'd generally go with a background of either black or white, or a very light or very dark color. I'd choose a second contrasting color for important border areas and clickable words. For words on a white background, I'd go with black. For words on a black background, I'd go for something very light, but probably not white, as that can glare. Also, you probably want to avoid directly complementary colors. If you go with my suggestion above, you can possibly get away with otherwise complementary colors (a really light background color with a really dark accent color), though you might consider other color schemes, which are hard to describe in text. I have a color wheel somewhere that I'll try to drag out and have ready for us to discuss sometime.

Also, my HTML is very basic and probably several versions out of date, though I'm sure I can do basic stuff.

I know not whereof these 'style sheets' of which you speak come.

For the logo, do you want something with the full name. Actually, do you have an idea at all? If so, describe and I'll try to render it. If not, give me some parameters (content wise) and I'll see what I can come up with.
1:31 am
Unfortunately, I cannot do a whole lot atm, because I am still at -45 soulforce.

Mechanically speaking though, I think the cost of learning spells should somehow be scalar, so its very cheap but gradually become very expensive to keep learning them.

There probably needs to be a howto walkthrough of how stuff works, and a general writeup of what goes on.

Casting spells should also be based on something other than a raw lifeforce or soulforce cost.
For example, you have these four attributes of Wisdom, Stability, Eloquence, and Literacy. Perhaps different kinds of spells could be based on these stats, so the calculation for the success of a spell is based on some random factor plus their score in one of those attributes. If you further add skill type things for what you are currently calling 'types' then you can add those too, in order to produce less linear results. You could also establish particular attribut + skill combos for the writing of various kinds of spells.

actually, if you would define the four attributes (wisdom, stability, eloquence, literacy) and how they interact with the game, that might help me make better comments on them.

Additionally, you might consider changing the names of lifeforce and soulforce to something more like Health and Spirit, as they sound slightly less gamery.

I would suggest breaking magic down into spell types and domains.
By domain, I mean what you are presently calling type, i.e. substance (fire, wood, water, metal, earth, air, etc.)
By type, I mean what they do or how they operate. I will suggest the following basic spell types:
Divination - lets you estimate scores of other characters
Attack - causes damage of some kind
Enchantment - makes a permanent or long term change in something typically in the form of bonuses or minuses, might create magic items
Transformation - alters subject
Illusion - masks information or the appearance of things, or makes illusory things

Also, I would utilize an xp-ish system rather than random chance advancement. Allow characters to apply a few points at character creation. If they lose a duel, they a nominal amount of xp. When they win a duel, they gain larger amounts of xp. Casting spells might also cause xp. Writing spells could also result in this. Basically anything that amounts to practice. Then either allow characters to apply their xp as they wish, or have it automatically apply to the thing they practiced. Use scaling costs for everything. Also, I would suggest (to maintain some degree of verisimilitude) not using numbers for anything, but come up with adjectives that describe ranges. In the case of xp and skills, these would be absolute scalar. In relation to health and spirit, it would be percentage relative.

Also, consider having different brands of magic.
Perhaps sorcery requires blood sacrifice and hence costs health.
Perhaps theurgy costs spirit points.
perhaps natural magic runs purely on skill rolls.
just some thoughts.

For graphics, I would suggest that there should be an Icon for each skill, attribute, pool, magic brand, magic type, and magic domain. Also, there should probably be one dynamic wizard duel type scene for the main art (kind how Jennifer Govt uses the eye), though eventually we might have a main graphic for the scene, particular graphics for different styles of wizards, and maybe a separate graphic for different pages such as a dueling page, a shop page, etc.

I think thats all my thoughts for the moment.
Hope it helps.
Sunday, February 25th, 2007
10:25 pm
1. In writing spells, there are too many points being given.
2. In casting spells, low difficulty spells should have a higher success rate. No fizzles.

Update: these problems are solved. Also, as of today, 2/27 (Tuesday), the problems with the instability are somewhat solved. Would be good to create some more sample spells of different kinds.

Anything else?
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